Friday, September 10, 2010

I'm back

Living and breathing the Texas heat (ew) and trying to continue working on my art while still studying for school. Not even taking any art classes this year (whattup CAP Prgoram for UT Austin) so I have to make time for my paintings and drawings which can be difficult sometimes.

I've been discovering some new artists online and have come across a couple that have a similar style that I want to start picking up. They're brush strokes are both really similar to each other and I've been trying to pick up this type of technique. But, it can be hard sometimes.

Mark Boardman uses the urban environment as his subject, and uses a lot of greys, blues, blacks, each painting has a gloomy feel to it which I love!

Jennie Ottinger's paintings are so child like and innocent that it makes me wonder what her sketches look like. Her paintings are simple and use a cross-hatching technique with paint that draws attention to each subject she paints.

Also considering starting a series based on Bros and Frat dudes in their natural habitat. There's a ton here in San Antonio that it would be such a waste NOT to do some sort of study on these strange individuals.

Love, Stepha