Saturday, December 25, 2010


I got a new Nikon 3000 camera for Christmas from my dad! I ended up spending my whole entire night/early Christmas morning playing aroound with my new camera and figuring out how it all works. I absolutely love this camera. What's awesome about it is that it zooms in perfectly and has an automatic lens cleaner everytime you turn off the camera.

Since I've been taking these photographs, I feel like I'm really paying attention to shapes and textures more.

Hopefully I can take a photography class in school!

Friday, September 10, 2010

I'm back

Living and breathing the Texas heat (ew) and trying to continue working on my art while still studying for school. Not even taking any art classes this year (whattup CAP Prgoram for UT Austin) so I have to make time for my paintings and drawings which can be difficult sometimes.

I've been discovering some new artists online and have come across a couple that have a similar style that I want to start picking up. They're brush strokes are both really similar to each other and I've been trying to pick up this type of technique. But, it can be hard sometimes.

Mark Boardman uses the urban environment as his subject, and uses a lot of greys, blues, blacks, each painting has a gloomy feel to it which I love!

Jennie Ottinger's paintings are so child like and innocent that it makes me wonder what her sketches look like. Her paintings are simple and use a cross-hatching technique with paint that draws attention to each subject she paints.

Also considering starting a series based on Bros and Frat dudes in their natural habitat. There's a ton here in San Antonio that it would be such a waste NOT to do some sort of study on these strange individuals.

Love, Stepha

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Monday, April 12, 2010

"funny" video

Lola is a wonderful mouse. She is very intelligent and enthusiastic. She was a birthday present from my friend (who gave her to me in a Mickey's Liquor cardboard box..thats right..NO PROPER CAGE) and I was completely grossed out by her. I even almost set her free at a park by my house. But, as I stared into the tiny face of my little mouse princess, I realized, I couldn't let this poor creature fend for herself in the wild. She would've been massacred in a matter of seconds by a bird or snake! So I decided to keep her. My mom wasn't very thrilled. She yelled and screamed at me until I cried (on my birthday, in fact) about how much she hated rodents and how messy Lola would be if I kept her. But you know what? Lola is messy. And Lola is a rodent. BUT, she is MY MESSY RODENT and I love her regardless!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Little Girl

Little Girl
Originally uploaded by Stephafoo
I'm still using my spilled/dripped paint technique that I have come up with but now I am using this technique in my figures staying true to my inspiration from John Copeland. I also am avoiding detail in the faces because I don't want to get too personal with these figures.

Everyone always asks me how I start these pieces and where I get my inspiration. Some of these pieces, like the landscapes, always come from a beginning sketch(s) and I also use grids and rulers to make sure each building and structure is architecturally "sculpted" correctly. The drips and spills in paint adds a new twist to the traditional landscapes and structures.
My new paintings with the figures actually started out as a study of figures. Using an old photograph as inspiration, I start out painting the skin of each figure with acrylic paint and emphasizing each pigment of color. After, I go back over each figure with wall paint every time there is a fold in clothing.

I'm really proud of these pieces. My mom actually hates these but I love em!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Monday, March 1, 2010

New blog

this tumblr blog is my "profesh" blog
(more organized, better quality)

Ill still be on blogger though!

Friday, February 12, 2010

come back to me, traditional!

starting to realize that my abstract pieces are cool and all but I should also be focusing my attention back on the traditional paintings that I used to do..
In order to start these paintings, I've been looking at Jenny Saville..
fleshy colors, embellished bodily features, but nevertheless, beautiful in all ways possible...

Friday, February 5, 2010

spills and drips in architecture and urban landscapes

Telephone Lines
wall paint on white board. 24' x 36' in. 2009.

Country Side Electrical Line
wall paint on white board. 24' x 36' in. 2010.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

good things

Patience is a virtue. I now truly believe that. In all honesty though, its hard for someone to keep going through life living the same day, doing the same things, talking with the same people, going to their same job over and over again, day after day. Often times, I feel like I work for nothing. Just living the same day out and always doing the same things. Thats how I've felt all year. Sure, graduation is fast approaching and exciting things will unfold after that but when you're in the present time and nothing seems to go your way, you start to wonder, will something exciting happen anytime soon? Well, today something EXCITING finally happened..
As I woke up today to 3 missed calls, 2 new text messages, and a voicemail, I raced over to school to see what the big hoop-la was about.
Well, hello, SOTHEBY'S..

I can't contain my enthusiasm any longer, I'm so happy that I got picked as the GRAND PRIZE WINNER for the sotheby's competition.
Free airfare to New York?
Free hotel stay in New York?
Exhibition of my work in New York at the Sotheby's Gallery?
A chance to meet any one of my personal favorite artists in New York?
New York!!?
I can't believe they picked me. I'm excited and nervous and ready to move forward!
This is a sign of good things to come... my dad was right
god does have plans
I love each and everyone of you that has supported me in the past and still supports me now, THANK YOU!