Wednesday, February 3, 2010

good things

Patience is a virtue. I now truly believe that. In all honesty though, its hard for someone to keep going through life living the same day, doing the same things, talking with the same people, going to their same job over and over again, day after day. Often times, I feel like I work for nothing. Just living the same day out and always doing the same things. Thats how I've felt all year. Sure, graduation is fast approaching and exciting things will unfold after that but when you're in the present time and nothing seems to go your way, you start to wonder, will something exciting happen anytime soon? Well, today something EXCITING finally happened..
As I woke up today to 3 missed calls, 2 new text messages, and a voicemail, I raced over to school to see what the big hoop-la was about.
Well, hello, SOTHEBY'S..

I can't contain my enthusiasm any longer, I'm so happy that I got picked as the GRAND PRIZE WINNER for the sotheby's competition.
Free airfare to New York?
Free hotel stay in New York?
Exhibition of my work in New York at the Sotheby's Gallery?
A chance to meet any one of my personal favorite artists in New York?
New York!!?
I can't believe they picked me. I'm excited and nervous and ready to move forward!
This is a sign of good things to come... my dad was right
god does have plans
I love each and everyone of you that has supported me in the past and still supports me now, THANK YOU!

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  1. You have always been ahead of your time. As your time gets closer wonerful things begin to fall in place. You see your visions of life start to unfold.
    What ever you do, where ever you go, never forget where you came from.