Monday, April 12, 2010

"funny" video

Lola is a wonderful mouse. She is very intelligent and enthusiastic. She was a birthday present from my friend (who gave her to me in a Mickey's Liquor cardboard box..thats right..NO PROPER CAGE) and I was completely grossed out by her. I even almost set her free at a park by my house. But, as I stared into the tiny face of my little mouse princess, I realized, I couldn't let this poor creature fend for herself in the wild. She would've been massacred in a matter of seconds by a bird or snake! So I decided to keep her. My mom wasn't very thrilled. She yelled and screamed at me until I cried (on my birthday, in fact) about how much she hated rodents and how messy Lola would be if I kept her. But you know what? Lola is messy. And Lola is a rodent. BUT, she is MY MESSY RODENT and I love her regardless!

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